Edgar promises fireworks at UFC 150

Frankie Edgar, the former UFC lightweight champion, will be heading into the octagon at UFC 150 tomorrow night to challenge the current champion Ben Henderson. Edgar, who lost the title to Henderson earlier this year, believes he has no advantage over his foe, as both fighters are of the same calibre.

“Sometimes it’s about who makes the best adjustments, but when the fighters are so close, sometimes it’s just about who shows up that night and performs better,” said Edgar who has a good record of winning rematches.

Henderson and Edgar went head to head at UFC 144, which was held in Japan. Both fighters gave their best but Henderson won with a close decision. According to most analysts, the fight was way too close to be judged. Considering their previous showdown, this one has already excited fans around the globe, as it will be one of the major UFC fights of 2012.

Henderson spoke about the rematch, commenting that for UFC fighters every fight is important since they do not get many chances to retain their titles.

“Some guys have a bad basketball game, but luckily for them, they have 82 games to redeem themselves. For fighters, if we have a bad performance and it’s for a world title, there’s not a lot of redo,” remarked the UFC lightweight champion.

Analysts have already called it a close fight, keeping in mind their first match. A close encounter is expected between both the fighters. It will Edgar’s last shot to regain the title, whereas it will be Henderson’s last fight against Edgar. In other words, if Henderson loses it, he will not get a rematch against Edgar until next year fall.

When asked about the event and what fans should expect, Edgar claimed, “I think it’s going to be fireworks. I think it’s going to be entertaining. I think you should buy the pay-per-view.”

As of now, Edgar is the man who is hungry for the match. He wants to grab the title from Henderson to prove his mettle. He has already promised fans a good showdown. Considering his past performances in rematches, it can be said that Edgar has more chances to win than Henderson.

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