Khan promises a knockout

Danny Garcia’s father stole the show as the WBC light-welterweight champion came face to face with Amir Khan ahead of Saturday’s unification fight in Las Vegas.

Angel Garcia lived up to his eccentric reputation as he gave a heated and at times unsavoury speech at the pre-fight press conference.

When it was Khan’s turn to speak, he held up his son’s belt, pulled faces, pretended to punch himself in the face and shouted comments.

Khan said: “Garcia’s team can say whatever they want. I promise you – I’ve never said this at a press conference – I will knock Danny Garcia out and win the titles. I will knock him out and if his dad wants it afterwards…

“That will shut his dad up anyway. I’m not going to do anything physical because his dad talks so much.

“I’m going to hurt his son. I’m going to do it in the ring. I cannot wait until after the fight, when I’ve knocked his son out and I’m stood here with the titles.

“Another thing, it’s funny when he said he’s never seen a Pakistani fight. He’s going to see a Pakistani fight on Saturday and knock his son out.

“I can’t wait to get in there. You’re going to see a British Pakistani fight on Saturday and you’re going to see him knock your guy out.”

Khan welcomed the WBA’s announcement this week that he will go into the fight with WBC king Garcia as a title-holder himself after Lamont Peterson, who beat Khan for the WBA title, was stripped for failing a drug test.
“I’m glad the WBA are reinstating me as champion again,” Khan said.

“It means I walk into this fight as world champion and the WBC title is on the line but not only that, the Ring magazine title will be on the line as well.

“It means this fight will really show who is the best fighter in the 140lb division and it will show I’m the best. Justice has been done.”

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